OK! Beauty Awards 2017

Client OK! Magazine, Beauty Magazine
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The OK! Beauty Awards 2017 was the second year of a collaboration between the two brands. It was a big step up from the previous year, not only in the size of the event, but also in the coverage devoted to it.

In the run up to the event I worked on some editorial style promotion for the event categories and the shortlisted products. This served to push voting for the products in their respective categories to determine the winners at the event.

Over the course of six weeks a total of 31 categories were covered in 14 pages. For each category pictures were taken with the range of products featured on a white background. However this left the layouts looking quite flat and boring. So I added some colour to each image, complimenting the colours of the products in the shot. In the end, the pages came out looking vibrant and interesting, so it was worth all the effort.

The biggest obstacle for this project was how to improve on the product representation, which is tough when you are only given product shots on white backgrounds and a very limited timeframe.

In 2017 we also took on the responsibility of producing the winner's supplement, which was distributed with OK! Magazine.

I was asked to come up with a completely new style for this supplement to complement the rest of the branding for the event. The biggest obstacle for this project was how to represent the products in the supplement. The brief was to improve on the representation of them from the previous year, which is tough when you are only given product shots on white backgrounds (and sometimes not on white or even at a good angle). But with no budget for a photoshoot and also a very limited timeframe, as the supplement needed to go to print a week before the event and voting only closed two weeks before the event, it was left to me to work some magic on them.

The process was quite involved and took nearly the entre week available to produce all the images and create the layouts (with a little help from a colleague), but I'm really proud of the way it all turned out. And the client must have been pretty happy with it as they replicated the design of it for the event brochure on the night.

Lastly, a video was requested to showcase the event and help promote some of the stats for the next year. I was supplied with some clips cut together from the client and asked to add in some graphics. This included a way of representing all of the coverage of the event in both print and online. I worked in Cinema 4D and After Effects to create some smooth transitions between the different media.

OK! Beauty Awards 2017 summary video