Newspaper & magazine advertorials

Client Daily Express, Daily Star, OK! Magazine & more
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From magazine covers to pullouts to tiny little ad boxes and everything inbetween, I’ve done a whole range of different editorially styled commercial content over the years.

As the kind of bread and butter of my role working at a media company, I have worked with many different clients over the years to produce advertorial content.

This required me to be familiar with the various house styles of the publications (8 magazines and 4 newspapers) and produce content, along with the client, that felt like part of the publication and not just an advert.

The skills that were required for these jobs went right from communicating with the client, to sourcing images, retouching images, designing the layout and making any amendments and all the way through to preparing and sending the finished jobs to be printed.

Shown here is just a small selection of the jobs that have run in the Daily/Sunday Express, Daily Star, Daily Star Sunday, OK! magazine, new! magazine, star magazine, Sunday Express Magazine, Saturday Magazine, TV Life and Hot TV.