Daily Express Home and Living Awards

Off the back of me getting to grips with After Effects, I was given the job of producing a promotional video for a new event that we were putting on, the Home and Living Awards.

Given the brevity required for the video, I utilised floating circles to quickly showcase exactly what the awards would cover along with intermittent info about the actual event.

In order to cover the 15 categories, I needed something snappy and easy to change for each category to make the most of my time. I also continued the feel of the promo through to the e-vite I was asked to design and code.

During the planning of the actual event, we were sent a snippet of what the event graphics would be like, which were being done externally. They really weren’t the best, so I was drafted in to produce them too.

Despite the overwhelming feeling of being thrown in at the deep end, having never done any event graphics before and having an extremely hard deadline, I cracked on using the promo video’s assets as a starting point. Whilst it was tough, with a steep learning curve, it was actually a really fun project to tackle.


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